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International workshop “Information Assessment Management on Water Resources in the Danube Delta”

The workshop was held on 19-20 March 2009 in Izmail. The event was arranged within the ENVSEC / ICPDR project «Joint environmental monitoring, assessment and exchange of information for integrated management of the Danube delta» implemented through the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR).

The workshop was aimed to discuss the draft report on Information Assessment Management on Water Resources in the Danube Delta and to facilitate cooperation between Ukraine, Romania and Moldova in the management of water resources in the region.

The workshop involved 65 participants including representatives from national and local Ukrainian organisations responsible for and involved in environmental monitoring and information exchange as well as researchers and officers from Moldavian and Romanian scientific & research institutions. The event was moderated by the Executive Secretary of the ICPDR and the UNEP-ENVSEC regional coordinator for Eastern Europe.

The following issues were discussed:
  • the national systems of water monitoring in the Danube Delta (Ukraine, Romania and Moldova) and steps to their harmonization;
  • sharing data and information on quantity and quality of water resources in the Danube Delta;
  • achievements and gaps in monitoring of and exchange of information on water resources in the Danube Delta;
  • further steps and activities to improve water monitoring and exchange of information to achieve a better integration in the management of water resources in the Danube Delta;
  • defining the borders of the Danube Delta region

In broader terms, the workshop, and the project on the whole, is providing important building blocks for developing a River Basin Management Plan for the Danube Delta. As a first step in fulfilling this, as the EU Water Framework Directive requires, an Analysis Report on the situation related to water resources in the Danube Delta has to be further produced.

The following strengths and weaknesses of the environmental monitoring system in the Danube Delta region have been identified as a result of the discussion within the workshop:

  • well-developed national legislftion and good institutional base at the regional level;
  • current and hystorical data availability;
  • experience in joint monitoring.
  • insufficient cooperation and coordination of real-time exchange of data;
  • inconsistency in sampling programmes and lack of joint data bases;
  • outdated equipment especially in Ukraine and Moldova and the lack of funds for upgrading;
  • insufficient use of modern techniques such as remote sensing, GIS.

As the conclusion, the fruitful cooperation between the stakeholders in the Danube delta and the need for the improvement of cooperation at the inter-governmental level between Ukraine, Romania and Moldova have been recognised.

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