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Living Black Sea: strategy for expansion of marine protected areas in the Black Sea coastal waters of Ukraine

  • Centre for Regional Studies
  • Odessa Branch of the Institute for Biology of the Southern Seas of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Duration: 12 month (November 2009 - November 2010)

Project aim:

Acceleration of the process of conservation of marine ecosystem that is threatened by the intensive human impact.

To achieve this, the project will strengthen cooperation between non-governmental sector and scientific community to raise public awareness of the state of the marine ecosystem and threats caused by human activities. The project will also help with putting results of research activities into practice in terms of the science sound identification of marine areas for their further recognition as protected areas, developing suggestions to regional and national government, holding public hearings and preparing and publishing a special issue of the magazine “Living Ukraine” dedicated to the project’s achievements.

Project objectives:
  • Identification of potential marine protected areas for conservation based on habitat mapping of the coastal waters in the Black Sea
  • Integration of the proposed protected areas into national and international plans and programs
  • Promotion of wide understanding on importance of conservation of sea biodiversity

Expected results: 

The project is seen as a groundwork for:

  • further recognition of selected natural sites as marine protected areas in Black Sea coastal waters of Ukraine;
  • development of the data base and the improvement of the national legislation of Ukraine in the field of nature conservation in the Black Sea coastal water of Ukraine;
  • conservation of the unique Black Sea biodiversity as part of the Pan-European eco-networks.
  • It should be noted that the outputs from this project (data base; strategy; GIS map) will be used by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine to develop the following documents to improve the national legislation of Ukraine:
  • Concept of a National Programme of the Protection and Restoration of the Azov-Black Sea Environment;
  • A draft decree of the President of Ukraine on the approval of the concept;
  • A draft decree of the Parliament of Ukraine (Verkhovna Rada).

The project is implemented with the support from the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands to Ukraine.


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